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Set sail aboard the National Geographic Orion to experience the fjords, glaciers, and panoramic vistas that make Chilean Patagonia one of the most lauded nature destinations on Earth. Encounter celebrated treasures, like the legendary Beagle Channel and Cape Horn, as well as a remote wildlife reserve on Tierra del Fuego not easily accessible to the public. Along the way, venture out by Zodiac and kayak to explore Chile’s deeply indented coastline. Glide into fjords and inlets beneath walls of blue ice; hike on shore with naturalists; and watch for humpback whales, elephant seals, Magellanic penguins, and Andean condors. The expedition caps off on Argentina’s Staten Island, where we’ll have special access to nature reserves teeming with wildlife.

For more information contact me or visit NatGeo Expeditons

National Geographic Expedition
Patagonia: Chilean Fjords & Argentina's Staten Island
October 22 - November 2, 2023


New Zealand’s exquisite coast is home to diverse wildlife, splendid landscapes, and a cultural heritage that blends the traditions of the indigenous Maori and the Europeans settlers. Aboard the National Geographic Orion, trace the eastern flanks of the North and South Islands, exploring little-known islands and inlets and breathtaking Fiordlands National Park. Along the way, get to know Maori culture; explore the lively cities of Auckland and Dunedin; go birding and whale watching; and experience incredible Milford Sound.

For more information contact me or visit NatGeo Expeditons

National Geographic Expedition
Coastal New Zealand
November 6-21, 2023

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Embark on the Luxury Expedition Cruise of a lifetime to extraordinary Antarctica, where towering icebergs and massive glaciers showcase flawless beauty. Discover the effects of rising global temperatures firsthand with enthralling lectures by climate scientist Dr. James McClintock, enjoy daily Zodiac excursions to the White Continent and witness rare and thrilling wildlife up close — from lively penguin colonies to several species of whales.

For more information contact me or visit A&K.  

A&K Luxury Expedition Cruise
Antarctic Cruise Adventure
December 10-23, 2023


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Experience an epic holiday adventure to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, celebrating the arrival of the new year in the world’s most remarkable wilderness alongside A&K’s passionate Expedition Team. Enjoy additional family programming led by A&K Young Explorers Guides and unforgettable holiday festivities on board, all while experiencing otherworldly landscapes on daily Zodiac excursions.

For more information contact me or visit A&K.  

A&K Luxury Expedition Cruise
Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Holiday Adventure
December 20 - January 6, 2023/24


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Discover the Antarctic Peninsula, where endless white mountains roll to the horizon and massive glaciers churn icebergs into the sea. Here, nature reigns: penguins teeter along the shore, seals loll on ice slabs, and humpbacks and orca whales break the water's surface. Traveling with a team of scientists aboard the state-of-the-art National Geographic Explorer, National Geographic Resolution, or National Geographic Endurance encounter this otherworldly place close-up, gliding around enormous tabular icebergs by Zodiac or kayak, and walking along beaches peppered with penguins and seals.

For more information contact me or visit NatGeo Expeditons

National Geographic Expedition
Journey to Antarctica
January 10-23, 2024
January 20 - February 2024

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Circle the globe by exclusively chartered private jet, and experience the incredible diversity of Earth’s wildlife — arguably the true wonder of the world — from the noble Bengal tiger and placid whale shark to the endangered mountain gorilla and playful lemur. Travel in a small group of 48 guests on a customized jet equipped with fully lie-flat seats, staying in luxurious accommodations along the way and encountering iconic animals.

For more information contact me or visit A&K.

Abercrombie & Kent
Wildlife Safari: Around the World by Private Jet
February 14 - March 9, 2024

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Go beyond the typical safari experience, observing Kenya’s iconic wildlife through the eyes of the conservationists dedicated to protecting it. Spend time in three spectacular reserves, embarking on game drives and visiting field stations where National Geographic-supported researchers are working to save critical species, from rhinos and giraffes to the legendary big cats. Gaze at the elephants of Amboseli in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, and track rare species like African wild dogs and white and black rhinos through the thriving Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. In the legendary Masai Mara, observe herds of zebras and wildebeests—and the fierce predators that hunt them. Along the way, meet wildlife biologists and conservationists who are finding creative solutions to the poaching and habitat loss that threaten East Africa’s incredible biodiversity.

For more information contact me or visit NatGeo Expeditons

National Geographic Expedition
On Safari: Exploring Wildlife Conservation in Kenya
June 21-July 1 2024

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Embark on the ultimate expedition to an Arctic frontier like no other. You’ll explore in comfort aboard the innovative new icebreaker, ‘Le Commandant Charcot.’ Cruise ever northward into a seldom-seen realm of sea ice, your Captain charting a course to the geographic North Pole as you enjoy a wealth of enriching programs and luxurious amenities on board.

For more information contact me.

Abercrombie & Kent
North Pole Expedition Cruise: The Ultimate Frontier

July 10-27, 2024

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